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Script Consulting

Our script consulting service is very flexible and open-ended. We've worked with writers, producers, directors, and development staff. We've helped first-time writers and industry vets. Most often, we coach writers through the rewriting process, but we have worked with clients on everything from first drafts to shooting scripts.

We begin with the story. Does the plot come organically out of the characters' needs? Do the characters serve a larger purpose? Is their dialogue believable?

Some of our clients are writers of fiction, plays, and poetry. They already know the basics of story development, and need to focus on the specifics of screenwriting: dialogue, dramatic function, action, and scenework.

We see rewriting as its own creative process, and work with the writer on building subtext, polishing dialogue, eliminating or integrating subplots, and heightening dramatic tension.

In the past three years, two of our clients have gone on to the Sundance Screenwriter's Lab. Three of our first-time screenwriting clients have obtained agents based on their scripts. Two others have recently had their projects green-lit.


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