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What Are Clients Are Saying

"Marilyn offers amazing insights and tools to keep the writer focused, disciplined and thinking out of the box."

Deborah van Eck, Executive Producer, Boynton Beach Club

"She helped me turn my raw first draft into a marketable screenplay that I'm now producing with several stars attached."

Caytha Jentis, Writer/Producer, Somebody Like You

"As a writing coach, she's helped me overcome the challenges one faces with a screenplay, from Page 1 to production.

Shashi Balooja, Writer and Producer, Ariana, Exposed

"Rather than bringing yet another set of theoretical tools to the table, she leads the student to the living tools already within us.

Brad Winters, Writer and Supervising Producer, Six Degrees

... your evaluations are superb in the categories I think are important to a good teacher-student relationship and to communicating the course content. Our students are very lucky to have you.

Terry Shtob, Director of Nondegree Liberal Arts, NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies

... thank you for conducting a superior, comprehensive and educational workshop for NYWIFT on the art of marketing screenplays. Not only were you packed with invaluable information, resources and knowledge, but your high energy... and contagious enthusiasm surely rubbed off on more than a few of us.

Ava Seavey, Writer and NWYIFT member

Marilyn Horowitz' writing theories are pure twenty-first century. She knows how to stimulate the writer's conscious and subconscious talent toward a startling new creativity.

Joe Warfield, Professor, NYU Kanbar Institute of Film and Television, Actor and Director



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