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The Story

When Byron Strayn, a NYC tax attorney, turns 50, his pathetically boring routine is shattered when he breaks a priceless sculpture, which his domineering wife just purchased. Desperate to repair it before his wife returns home from a business trip, he calls upon a mysterious, world-renowned art restorer known only as The Fixer. The hard-drinking former radio-talk-show psychologist turns out to be more than just a master craftsman. After examining the hopelessly damaged sculpture, he has a few belts and realizes that Byron is the masterpiece who really needs fixing. Byron resists until a series of tragi-comic events forces him to see the light.

The Team

The Fixer is an indepedent feature comedy produced by Voila Films, LLC, a new entity consisting of SnackPack Productions' Rick Mowat and ArtMar Productions' partners Marilyn Horowitz and Arthur Vincie.
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Written By: Marilyn Horowitz and Rick Mowat
Directed By: Rick Mowat
Producers: Marilyn Horowitz, Rick Mowat and Arthur Vincie
Director of Photography: Chris Edwards
Casting Director: Deborah Brown
Legal Counsel: Robert L. Seigel


Where, When and How

The Fixer will be shot on HD in mid-2007. An exact production date has not yet been set.

For more information, please contact Rick Mowat at 646-202-1004 or Marilyn Horowitz/Arthur Vincie at 212-496-9631, or email us at

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