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Writer: Caytha Jentis
Director: Burke Heffner
Executive Producers: ABC Film and Video
Producer: Arthur Vincie


Rock The Paint

Writer/Producer: Dallas Brennan, Rock The Paint Productions
Director: Phil Bertelsen
Line Producer/Post Supervisor: Arthur Vincie
Shot in October/November 2004
Premiered at the 2005 Tribeca Film Festival. Official selection, Pan-African Film Festival. Winner, Best Feature Film, Montclair Film Festival.
Josh - a basketball prodigy - and Tim - an aspiring rapper - are brothers who think they're "bruthas". But they're two corn-fed white boys from Indiana, and since the death of their Mom, their Dad Lenny has lost his job. A new job offers the chance at new life. Only it means moving this mid-western family to the middle of the inner city.
Newark, New Jersey - is the city that time forgot and racial tension grows as the boys discover life in these "ghetto" streets isn't as fabulous as the rap music they listen to. Lenny struggles to keep his family together as Josh literally fights to prove himself on the hard court and off. Rock the Paint is a story about the kind of loss and longing that leads to discovery and misadventure. The kind that makes boys into men and teaches fathers how to live again.

Script: Creative Promise Award at the 2004 Tribeca Film Festival. Premiered: 2005 Tribeca Film Festival.


Writer/Director: Shoja Azari
Line Producer: Arthur Vincie (ArtMar, Inc.)
Dates: May 2004 - March 2006
Premiered, 2006 Tribeca Film Festival.

An experimental feature, based on a series of vignettes and interconnected thematically by the use of windows. Each scene runs between five and fifteen minutes in length, and has been shot as a single continuous take.
Shot on DVCPro50 and HDV by Ben Wolf.

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Company K

Writer/Director: Robert Clem
Line Producer: Arthur Vincie
Shot in September 2003
Currently touring festivals

Company K, based on the novel by Frederick March (Children of The Damned) was based on his experiences fighting in World War I. Comprised of vignettes of over 100 members of Company K, the novel has been considered by many to be his best work. Robert Clem, a documentary filmmaker, adapted the novel for his first feature film.

Shot in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, this was a very ambitious and complex project, particularly given its modest budget. Shot on super16mm by Alan Hostetter and featuring very talented performances by an ensemble cast. The film will screen at the 2005 River Run Film Festival.

The Reawakening

Writer/Director: Diane Fraher
Producer: Jancy Ball, SHW Productions
Line Producer: Arthur Vincie
Associate Producer and Script Consultant: Marilyn Horowitz
Produced thru American Indian Artists, Inc.

Recently completed, currently touring festivals, including the the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival.

The Reawakening is the one of the first independent feature films written and directed by a Native American woman. Diane Fraher (Osage) has crafted a story of personal redemption and the power of love. Robert Doctor, the hero, has to acknowledge where he comes from before he can move on with his life.

Filmed in June-July 2003 on the Onandaga Nation just outside Syracuse, New York, the project has the support of the Chief of Chiefs of the Iroquois Confederacy and the Elders of the Onondaga Nation. This project has attracted a unique multi-national, multi-generational crew and cast. We believe this to be a sign of The Reawakening’s universal message and potential impact.

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