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Screenwriting Articles by Marilyn Horowitz

Below are links to articles that Marilyn Horowitz published in Scr(I)pt Magazine.

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Creating Great Scenes
Based on Marilyn's NYU class "Creating Great Scenes," this article will show you ten rock-solid tips for creating unforgettable scenes.
Ten Ways to Tweak a Scene Using Your Intuition
Try these unusual, intuitive tips to punch your scenes up! Originally published as a two-part article.
Writing Your Villain First
Every good hero deserves an equally dynamic villain! Learn some great techniques for developing villains that can add some snap to your story!
Rewriting Hero Last
Sometimes you have to work on your hero AFTER you think you're done with your script.

Marilyn Horowitz' 'Script Tips' articles for Movie Outline are now available online as well:

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